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Unreal Engine is today the world’s most powerful, open 3D creation and visualisation tool available. Developed by Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, Unreal Engine powers diverse fields like Game Design and Development, Architectural and Product Visualisation and Virtual Production. It is the driving force behind the production of the Jungle Book and the Star Wars Mandalorian series.

Pixelloid Studios brings you a series of structured training courses taught by Unreal Authorised Instructors that will allow students and professionals to leverage the power of Unreal Engine and give you that much-needed level-up boost in your career.

Who We are

Pixelloid is an award winning 3D Animation and Visual Effects Studio & is also the premiere destination for studying the art of visual effects.

Pixelloid is a hub for vfx and animation where you can translate your visions into reality. We are a full-grown visual effects company covering the entire spectrum of requirements ranging from digital matte painting to final compositing. We strive to ensure that the students evolve across all the dimensions. Our visual effects course assists the students in emphasizing their skills on the live projects. We follow a modular approach to impart the skills and prepare them for the future work-related challenges and hurdles. Students will be mentored by the Industry’s finest professionals across the VFX arena will mentor our students to shape them to international standards. Pixelloid aims to enhance the expertise from conceptualization to completion. We offer the basics of all multimedia and target to develop a deeper understanding of the software used in VFX. Pixelloid takes a holistic approach to train the students only to move up in the competency ladder and kindle the creative spark in them to stand up to the demands of the market.

Learning at Pixelloid

Taught by Industry Professionals & Live Projects

Pixelloid acts as a kick-starter in the career perspective of students as out of 2000 students we have trained hitherto, more than 90% are working in reputed and big organizations. We are the path breakers as we groom the students to stay in tune with the needs of the industry by the day they graduate. Our students are placed either in our own studio or in reputed firms like Firefly, MPC, Google, Makuta, Technicolor, Pixion and many more. We nurture healthy relationships with the pivotal firms in the fields we train to aid for career growth of students. At Pixelloid, we take care of each student thereby ensuring that they get constant pushup and motivation to hustle more. We are proud to be a reliable VFX training institute for the students as we offer pre-placement training and conduct personal interviews to comprehend their weak points and work on them. We are the living example of letting the success make the noise as when we talk about the success, we do not refer the number of placements at Pixelloid but what our students are accomplishing in careers.

From Ra One to Robot, visual effects are everywhere and growing at a supersonic speed in India. The computer-generated imagery and effects are poised to figure increasingly in the future as highly-skilled artists have been evincing greater interest in the field and empowering it with their creativity. It is no longer a daunting task to know where to commence as there are hundreds of VFX institutes across the country. As the industry is in talent crunch for VFX artists, there are miles to go. All you need is an impeccable vfx training center to be on the board and we promise you that, we are one! Join Pixelloid for reaching the destination you have been looking to reach.

Course Offered


Duration : 7 Days
  • An Overview of Unreal Engine Interface and workflows
  • Creating projects using templates.
  • Importing data into your project.
  • Introduction to PBR materials
  • Introduction to lighting
  • Introduction to Landscape.
  • Overview of Blueprints
  • Creating a basic Level
  • Playing your Game


Duration : 7 Days
  • What is PBR (Physically based rendering)?
  • An overview of the PBR workflow in Unreal Engine
  • Adding materials from the Content Browser
  • Introduction to the material editor
  • Values, Functions and Textures
  • Master materials and material instances
  • Creating a master material
  • Creating variations (instances) of the master material
  • Importing photoreal materials from the Megascan library


Duration : 7 Days
  • Sequencer Overview and controls for the cinematic viewport
  • Overview of Level Sequences, Actor sequences and scene changes.
  • Overview of Movie Objects such as Cine Camera, Camera rail and Camera crane
  • Character setup and Livelink
  • Importing Character animation
  • Overview of the Graph editor
  • Postproduction
  • Rendering out your Movie

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