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Why Pixelloid is the best choice for VFX Outsourcing?

VFX Outsourcing

Visual effects have become the lifeline for movies’ stories and appeal. They infuse “life” into the on-screen happenings and turn up the viewers’ interests. It calls for a highly talented and skilful set of individuals to come up with stunning visual effects which lend existence to the imaginary events and make them appear real-like.

India has been the leading producer and maker of movies in the world with over 3000 movies hitting the screens every year. Coupled with this is the exponential growth in the Television industry which has been recording sharp rise in viewership.

With the onset of digital technology the concept of movie making has gone hi-tech. More and more technical experts are being constantly employed to sustain the demand which is on a regular flow from foreign shores too. Considering the various advantages of VFX Outsourcing to India, movie makers from various countries are diverging on India.

With nearly a decade and half of pioneering and innovative vfx solutions, Pixelloid has etched for itself a name to reckon in the field of special effects and digital excellency. Ever since its establishment in 2005, Pixelloid has been delivering quality and on-time services to clients across the globe.

Awards and Accreditations

  • Winner of the prestigious Nandi Award of the State government of Telangana for excellency in lending special visual effects.
  • Pixelloid has been assessed and approved by The Trusted Partner Network, a joint venture between the Motion Picture Association of America and the Content Delivery and Security Association.

These awards and accreditations stand as testimony to the outstanding efficiency and reliability of Pixelloid in the high technology arena of vfx and 3D animation.

Equally at home with both cinema and TV productions, Pixelloid is a one stop VFX Outsourcing choice for the quality conscious film makers, TV producers around the world. Pixelloid sports the best in class VFX Outsource studio for Roto & Paint- the core modules of digital VFX Compositing.

It is home for the best and state of the art software and hardware facilities to cater to both national and international clients.

Dedicated and time and quality conscious technical personnel is another plus point at Pixelloid. Wth over 120 creative individuals and state of the art machines to support their visions, Pixelloid is ideally placed to take on any visual feast and is an acclaimed visual effects studio in India.

It has seen tremendous growth in both size and reputation, as more than 100 Motion pictures, Commercials and other visualization industries have utilized Pixelloid’s unequalled artistry.

Additionally, Pixelloid has set a benchmark to the industry in the aspects of

  • Turn around Time – Schedules and delivery dates are paramount at Pixelloid.
  • Ethical and Professional work culture – Transparency and professionalism go hand in hand at Pixelloid.
  • Value for Money – High satisfaction quotient for clients is the driving motto at Pixelloid.
  • High on Confidentiality – Ensuring safety and security to clients’ projects.
  • Robust Support System – Integrated vfx solutions for diverse platforms like cinema, TV, web videos, commercials, documentaries.

When it comes to VFX Outsourcing, Pixelloid is the first option for the world visualization industry.


Visual effects by Pixelloid for “The 100” TV Series (Season 5)


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