skills required for VFX Artists

What skills required for VFX Artists? How Companies Hire VFX Artists?

Ever since I watched the historic film Baahubali, like everyone else I was also gaga over the breathtaking scenes incorporated in it. Let it be the beauty of waterfalls in the opening scene or the epic war in the Indian film history or that appealing castle, Baahubali indeed has taken VFX in Indian cinema to new heights. I do not want to get into an argument here, but I would say that the major credit needs to go to VFX Artists rather than the actors over there.

Cool down! I am a big fan of Prabhas by myself. But.

But, you see, they have worked for more than six years to transform S.S Rajamouli vision into reality. Being an art enthusiast by myself, the curiosity bubble in me craved to know more and more about this domain. Thus, I have to dig deeper to know the day and night of these artists and what does it take to become one.

Here, I am listing out the skills required for VFX Artists needed to become.

Choosing the Right Course

Education or degree is important! Yes. We often hear that degree is not mandatory for creative fields like this. But VFX has a highly-skilled workforce with 86% holding a degree. Out of which, 59% of the professionals have a media relative degree and 37% with post-graduation. There are specialized VFX courses cut up further into different kinds of degrees, but the course you choose shapes your career.

Top Technical Skills For VFX Artists

  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Imaging
  • 3D Essentials
  • Storyboard
  • 3D Advanced
  • Composting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Internship

You know that everything we see is visually-rich content and hard to figure out whether it is fiction or reality. In today’s competitive business world, the industries are evolving with a new #trend in the blink of an eye. In order to be market-ready, you need to be taught by professionals who are abreast with the current technologies and future possibilities. Thus, research well and identify what the faculty experience is, which niche are they specialized in, and all.

Know What You are Good At

You could be a jack of all trades, but certainly the master of one! Isn’t it?

For this kind of job, you cannot be everything the production team wants. Some are good at lightning, some are good at layouts, and some could be at Matte. You can find the different types of careers exists in the industry here.

Communicate, Collaborate, and Create

No matter how good you are what you do, it is nothing if you cannot be communicative with your peers. Any kind of creative output demands the collaboration of designers, producers, other engineers, and clients(if it is an outside project).

Even if you are reserved a person, it is expected that an ideal VFX artist to become a good team player besides his/her skills.

Gotta be good at hardware functionalities

Yeah! You read it right.

Please do not be in an assumption that VFX certification is all it takes to excel in the industry. A candidate has to have the ability to operate cameras, its related equipment, work with microphones to record audio(modulations, tones, and all), good at lighting to shoot videos and much more. It is more like an ocean. There is always more to learn.

Okay! You have acquired all these skills required for VFX Artists and what’s next? The companies would not come at your doorstep, right?

Right. Thus, you need to be well-groomed from your end to grab any kind of opportunity.

Following is more like a check-list of how companies recruit Visual effects Artists:


That is subjective. A few companies filter out only the certified candidates and a few companies go a step forward to check the eligibility on screen. According to me, odds are for the candidates with certifications. Because she/he already have reached step-1 that they know something.


Few companies look for the candidates who can immediately work on the running projects and some are okay with newbies. However, the majority of the VFX course offering institutes provide internship in-house or at least train them to be internship-ready. Well, so, that depends on the company’s term and job qualifications. Go through all the job portals to understand the qualifications the companies are expecting.


If you are creative, you gotta show it. Anyone can understand your ability and artistic skills based on your demonstration. So, make sure you have something great in your store to call them my creativity.

Well, I guess, this is it.

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