What is the difference between 2d and 3D animation?

What is the difference between 2d and 3D animation?

Do you remember the evenings we used to rush from the school the moment the bell chimes in order to see Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Oswald, and Donald Duck? It was those days where our stomach brimmed with laughter, joy, and contentment by just watching these shows. They even turned out to be my best friends and kids of my age as well.

But I am not sure whether kids of today might have an idea of what these characters are. They were the actual superstars in the period of 2D animation. But the advent of 3D animation has made them look like veterans. It turned the things upside down of how images and scenes are portrayed on screen; which intrigued many youngsters to choose it as a career. And that is the reason for a vast number of 3D Animation Course advertisements on the internet. Got it, right?

Difference between 2D and 3D animation :

2D Animation3D Animation
2D animation implies that the object is two dimensional.3D animation implies that the object
2D animation comprises of characters or objects only in height and width. In other words, in X- axis (horizontal dimension) and Y – axis (vertical dimension).3D animation comprises of objects in height, width, and depth. In other words, characters are going to be more a realistic contrast to 2D characters.
2D animation objects are created by traditional drawing method. Each move of the character has to be created frame by frame with hand-drawing, also called as a cell-animation method. However, today’s 2D animators make use of software in developing action sequences. But creating the first action scene has to be created and the tool will generate the rest of the motion sequences automatically. In 3D animation, everything is going to be done in available computer software. The development consists of several phases or steps such as modelling, texturing, lighting, rigging, rendering etc.
2D animation comes for a less price compared to 3D animation since you only need expert candidates who can draw and sketch aptly. Well, the cost of 3D animation depends on the money you spent in rendering. You have to shell out for each second; which is why the 3d animation course demands more from your pocket. Since the final product has to go through several steps, you gotta have a skilled professional for expected outcome.
2D animation is all about frames.3D animation is all about movements.
It is not suitable for conceptual drawing as you can only represent in two dimensions.3D animation is impeccable for conceptual designing as it results in all the three-dimensional views. The software helps the animators to create a detailed character concentrating every possible
2D animation is widely implemented in advertisements, films, cartoon shows, websites, e-learning courses, engineering etcetera. 3D animation is widely used in gaming, movies, medical, biotechnology, aerospace etceter
Examples: The Jungle Book, The Simpsons, Snow WhiteExamples: The Incredibles, Toy Story, and Transformers

Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of 2D and 3D animation people prefer to blend both the techniques for breath-taking visuals. Let us know in the comments section below which one do you prefer and why:

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