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How anyone can switch their career and settle in the VFX Industry?

In a country like India, it is the parents, the neighbor uncle, and some stranger on the road decides what we gotta do with our lives. We were habituated to follow the aspiration of others rather ours. In most of the families, children were not allowed to pursue a profession other than engineering, medicine, C.A or an MBA. But thing have changed now. The children, youngsters, and the adults are going towards what really excites them. Entice them.And Pixelloid bows down for all the brave hearts and magnificent minds. We receive a hell lot of queries related to the career in VFX Industry and whether one can get into this field when he has been into a whole different stream till now.

Thus, we are taking this as an opportunity to answer all the queries in this blog post. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have something else.

  • Can I enroll in a VFX course? I am 30-years-old with 9 years of experience in the Website Development domain.

First things first, if you consider that you have reached to that point in your life when it is too late to switch your career because of whatever reason, you are wrong. It is never too late to learn and do what you actually want to do. Thus, Pixelloid welcomes people of all ages, professions, and degrees to learn whatever they want. Our VFX course is entirely designed from scratch that gives everyone an opportunity to become who they want to be.

  • What is the basic qualification to become a VFX artist?

Well, there is no obligation that a candidate must possess some X degree in Y stream, the majority of the companies prefer candidates who are graduate in any of the streams.

An ideal candidate must have the basic computer operating knowledge because visual effects are “computer-generated” effects. While we start the course, we do brush-up the basic stuff. In a nutshell, a VFX artist must have the flair knowledge in sketching, artistic bend of mind, a basic understanding of software and its installation.

  • How does the VFX course like at Pixelloid?

Pixelloid is the only training institute in India that has an active production environment. All our courses are customized according to the requirements and standards of the industry. The thing that makes stand out from the crowd is that most institutes emphasize on teaching software, but, we focus on the standard that the course is the combination of both advanced technology and creative artistry.

We ensure all our students get minimal theory classes and more hands-on training on live projects thereby exposing them to the realistic production processes. By the time, someone completes the course, the candidate would be project-ready and qualified for all sorts of industries.

  • And why should I choose Pixelloid over anything?

Our motto has always been the same. Quality over Quantity. Always! Therefore, all our courses are narrowed down as 12 students per class providing each of them personalized training. Moreover, they will be exposed to different trainers and artists from the VFX product division, each one being an expert in different modules. This approach has given us an opportunity to provide students a holistic view and knowledge of the work going on.

How the career in VFX Industry is going to be? Will they be worthy of the career switch?

Absolutely! If you are someone who is passionate enough to thrive each passing day to bring the uber-cool visuals on the screen, the future is yours.

For instance, I hope you all remember how people go gaga over the visually stunning The Jungle Book or those fire-breathing dragons on a Television show. You remember, right? How the world just bows down for providing the historical effects that have its mark in the industry. Did anyone look at their resume before praising? Or their previous work industry? End of the day, it is not what you had on your resume, but what you bring on the screens.

That, that is the power of art.

“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire, and motivate.”

Looking to switch your career in VFX Industry and thinking for a career opportunities in VFX.Pixelloid offers a wide range of career-oriented vfx courses to get jobs in visual effects. All you gotta do is to just grab them and just ace.

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