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What is the Scope of 3D Animation Career in India?

Scope of Animation Career in India:

The art of story-telling has been constantly evolving as humans have been coming up with unique and innovative ways to tell a story.

Ever since I was a kid I had had a deep admiration for animated movies.

Did we forget the cute martial arts of our Panda who taught us that self-belief is all enough to scale great heights or our little Minion obsessed with a banana?

Aah! Everything is just a feast to the eyes. Animation has a boundless scope for those who love to tell a story, create magic, and make the audience stick to the screen.

animation industry:

Despite the recent global economic crisis, the animation industry is growing at a rapid pace across the globe.

It is all set in its expansion and which is why there is a huge demand for the skilled professionals in town now.

Point to be noted here is, there is a thin line between cartooning and animation. Often people misunderstand both to be one.

Cartooning is drawing pictures of characters with sundry subtleties to bring a sense of comedy.

On the other hand, animation is the art of bringing life into these characters. Through animation, we can infuse life into objects with the help of many sequencing techniques.

career in animation:

The best way to pursue you a career in animation is to join in a 3d animation course or get a graduate degree.

This is one of the fastest growing career options in today’s world as the demand has exceeded the supply.

It is being said that the industry is in lack of more than 30, 000 professionals each year. One need not be proficient in specific subjects to begin with.

However, aptitude in sketching and a keen interest in computers and software would certainly make you stand out from the crowd and give you a grand entry into the industry.

India is a new hub for the animation industry. Hundreds of 3d animation institutes have come into the picture to train the students according to the industry standards.

The film, advertising, and television all have an insatiable demand for special effects, they are on the path to experience an unprecedented boom.

At Pixelloid, you would receive a hands-on training on live projects. An animator should have oodles of creativity to survive. The environment here lends you a great deal of zeal to hustle more. You will find yourself in a place where you can collaborate with a community of storytellers, designers, budding animators etcetera. Be a part of their

3d animation training which bring out the best in you. 

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