Pixelloid Take Over on the Frequently Asked Questions about VFX Course

Committing your line of work for a particular industry is probably one of the biggest decisions anyone makes in life. You might have all the proficiency that is needed to become a VFX artist, such as drawing, creativity, observation, fascination etcetera. So, what next?

Easy! Look for the institutes which provide the subtle Visual Effects course a.k.a VFX course. But, let me remind you one thing, ‘all the glitters are not gold and all that is pitch black is not coal.’ Pixelloid is one such learning platform for all the learners out there who want to learn rather than study the course. It is known for raising the bars of VFX in India. Regarding this, we receive a lot of VFX FAQ that seem quite common on the surface yet needed to know.

So, keep reading!

  • Should I have computer knowledge?

Yes, dear. You must have. See, the visual effects artists are basically responsible for creating ‘computer-generated’ shots and special effects. So they must be handy with any software to deliver the best creative content. However, you should not feel like the ability to operate computers is the same as creating visual effects. Both should go hand-in-hand to bring the idea you have in mind on to the screen.

Pixelloid brushes up the basic computer stuff that is needed to fit in the industry in our VFX course. Because, end of the day, it is not how you run the software but what you bring on to the monitor. Isn’t it?

  • Who can become a VFX artist?

This is yet another VFX FAQ we receive on a daily basis. Anyone can become a VFX artist with an artistic bend of mind, aptitude in sketching, and a basic understanding of software. Although a degree is not mandatory to get into the field, a bachelor’s degree is standard and is a +1 while looking for a job.

  • How is the course going to be at Pixelloid?

Any artwork related course gets only better with proper education and hands-on experience. We have trained more than 2000 students yet, who are working in reputed organizations, doing excellent in their careers. We take care of each student by making sure that they get the motivation to hustle more and constant pushup to reach the pinnacle. We offer pre-placement training and conduct personal interviews to let them work on their weak points. For most of the time, we make sure our students get placed either in our own studio or the companies where maintain healthy relationships.

  • How much salary can I expect once I become a VFX artist?

With a proper VFX course certification and enough knowledge, you can earn quite a decent amount. Just like every other industry, VFX also promises both the entry-level and experience-level jobs and a deserved paycheck. As a fresher, you can expect in and around 15-20K. But, with the hands-on experience of multiple niches, there is a possibility to pocket a six-digit salary.

But, be crystal clear of who you wanted to become. A lightning artist, layout artist, matchmove artist, matter painter, visual development, background, or whatever. Discover your passion and follow it rather seriously.

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