3D Animation Cousrse FAQ'S

Pixelloid Take Over on the Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Animation Course

With the response to our earlier post about the FAQs on VFX course, we have decided to write down about the frequently asked questions about 3D animation course too. Take a look:

  • How exactly is the 3D animation course going to be at Pixelloid?
    All our curriculums are extensive, stimulative, and provocative. All the trainees would be accessible to the top-notch training in a creative environment that stimulate them to have an edge over others in the industry. We take care of every student and ensure them to collaborative, interactive, and engaged. Pixelloid starts from the fundamentals of all the basic subjects such as drawing, design, and animation.


  • How long is your 3d animation program?

The program typically takes 8 months to 14 months since animation is a vast subject and there would always be more to learn and master. One student could get the theme in a single-go and some other student could get the same thing in the second time. So, we have designed our 3D animation course keeping in mind of every student’s ability and performance. We do not rush to complete the program since our ultimate goal is to make students learn the subject.


  • How much does it cost?                                                                                                                                             

One of the very 3D FAQ we receive on a daily basis! Thus, we want to make ourselves crystal clear that the coaching and costing of a course at Pixelloid will always be directly proportional to each other. Pixelloid even provides the students with an EMI option, because we care about you. If you want to know the exact amount, please feel free to contact us.              


  • What kind of preparation can I do prior to the program?                                                                                

Draw, draw and draw more! Bring out your ultimate imagination and creative spirit. If you are handy at drawing, enroll yourself in drawing classes. Understand the thin line between animation and VFX since most of the students believe both are one and the same. Make use of the free software tools available, build your computer graphics, and take the first step for your career in animation.


  • Is a portfolio mandatory to get into the course?

Of course, not. Having a portfolio that defines your creative and imaginative skills is definitely a  good point. But, but, please get to know that the trainees with portfolios do not have an upIf you love drawing, animation, and willing to bring the new shades of Indian cinema, you are quite welcome. Please reach out to us if you have any further 3d animation FAQ.per hand at Pixelloid. We treat every trainee of the 3D animation course in the same way. We do not pick the students based on their portfolios either!


  • What kinds of jobs can I look for post the coaching?                                                                                     

Along with the training program, Pixelloid even provides all the students – placement assistance. We groom them to be industry-ready by the time they complete the coaching. But the thing is, Pixelloid carry off most of the students in their studio itself. Read here if you want to know detailed information about the job roles after 3d animation training.


  • How much salary can I expect once I become a 3D animator?                                                                  

Just like every other industry, the animation industry also offers both entry-level and experience-level jobs. And like every occupation, the paycheck also depends on the knowledge, experience, and zeal to learn. As a brand-new animator, you can expect 15-20K and with the experience you gain, there is a huge possibility to obtain a six-digit salary per month.


  • What else can I expect from Pixelloid?                                                                                                              

Well, it is a known fact that Pixelloid offers both the traditional and practical learning experience. So, during your training period, if you get any chance to work for any feature movie, your name will be mentioned in the credits sections without any second thought.


If you love drawing, animation, and willing to bring the new shades of Indian cinema, you are quite welcome. Please reach out to us if you have any further 3d animation FAQ.

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