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Expert Advice: How to become a successful visual effects artist

  • Introduction-

What would happen if you woke up one fine morning and realised that there are no dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie or no richard parker in life of pie. It almost painful to imagine all of these great movies which are graced by the presence of these visual effects. It is an honour for us to be a part of a world where there are some magnificent people who are capable of bringing out everything dreamy and magical and imaginary onto the screen and see it as well as live it.

Being a visual effects artist is a very crucial role to play. The future of a movie on box office depends on the quality of visual effects incorporated in it. Here in this article we provide you with some of the handy tips you can follow and become a successful visual effects artist.

  • Required Skills to be a successful visual effects artist-

Technical Skills

Other skills

Adobe creative suite


User Interface design


UX wireframes




3D modelling



Attention detail


Problem solving

  • Step 1

Do thorough research on visual effects (VFX). Watch animated movies to gain an insight of how things should be done. The more understanding you’ll have more easy it will for you to recreate the visual effects. Try to understand the working mechanism, software etc that may have been used to create those effects.

  • Step 2

Pay more attention toward understanding the fundamentals of visual effects. If you get thorough knowledge of the basics it would be easier in understanding the advanced technologies.

  • Step 3

Get yourself enrolled for a course on visual effects. Getting detailed knowledge of your course will help you understand it better. Moreover, it will be best to understand the basics of visual effects from the experts themselves.

  • Step 4

When you feel that you have gained enough wisdom try to create something. You can take help from your mentors and teachers and when you complete your work get it evaluated by your teachers.

  • Step 5

After evaluation work on your mistakes if any and improve your work then get it evaluated again. Work on your weaknesses and try to improve them. Once you realise where you are lacking it would be easier to improve it.


Nothing in this world is impossible if you are determined enough to achieve it. so , work hard and turn you weakness to your strength and you will become a successful visual effects artist.

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