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Expert Advice: 6 Best Career Opportunities in VFX Industry

Animation or VFX is no longer limited to Hollywood. There has been a rapid development and demand for the visual effects industry because who does not like to enjoy an airborne dragon snapping down the fire in the battlefield? Didn’t you roll in the aisle watching a historical movie Eega(Telugu) or relished the spectacular visions of our Thalaiva’s Kochadaiiyaan?

These are a few movies that have raised the bars of Indian VFX Standards and it is crystal clear that career opportunities in vfx industry are enormous.

It is an illuminating and absolutely satisfying job for the young minds with artistic and sketching skills. There are hundreds of tools and technologies in creating visual effects, however, the stability in the line of business depends more on the artistry than your skills dealing with technology. Many people have started pacing towards this since it is one of the most promising careers in today’s world.

But, how to get into it?

Well, education is not mandatory to apply for the Career opportunities in vfx industry, but a solid imagination and knowledge of software is expected. There are hundreds of vfx course centers or institutes to groom the candidates in every nook and corner according to the current trends in the market.

However, if you want to shine in this playing field, you should know the difference and difference between the roles existed in the VFX profession. Because it does not make sense of the number of steps you take but the destination does.

So, here we go:

Layout Artist

Layout artist is someone who is a part of pre-production and previsualization process. A typical layout artist is responsible for interpreting the storyboard and transform it into a visual medium. Their prime duty is to ensure that all elements are readable and comprehensible. They deal with the font style, size, and spacing to provide an understandable information to the users. Layout artists usually work in advertising and marketing fields.

Composition Artist

The flawless VFX shots are something that blends seamlessly with the background and no viewer likes to watch an inelegant picture. So this squad of artists is responsible for making sure that the product is free of disturbances that do not distract the audience from the cinema.

Take up any VFX course and understand how to maintain all the minuscules during the creation because a single glitch can ruin the whole experience. A composition artist is someone who makes certain that the VFX shots and live action are going hand-in-hand for the best user experience possible.

Lighting Artist

Let it be the animated or live action, lighting is one of the factors that contribute to the perfect storytelling method. A lighting artist is someone who understands the functioning of lights and its communication with the real world. The illustration has to be picture-perfect for the picture to be perfect. There is a wide range of opportunities in this segment of VFX. Go and try if you believe that you can pay keen attention to every scene and make the scene pop.

Roto Artist

A roto artist has to be in sync with both computer graphics and real-life. He or she is expected to trace all the frames where graphic meets real life. Composition artists commence their work with the details these dudes provided.

Matchmove Artist

You gotta be professional in both 2D and 3D to become a match mover. The primary responsibility is to check whether the computer-generated graphics are properly integrated with the live-action footage.

Matte Painter

A matte painter is responsible for transforming the photographs or sketches to VFX shots. He or she must have art in their hands because they have to create realistic VFX objects without any exaggeration and clear view.

There is a wide range of Career opportunities in vfx industry in since VFX in India is just blooming. All you have to do is learn and get a hands-on experience in some real projects either through freelancing or joining in any VFX course institute for a better exposure.


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