#10YearChallenge: The Animation Evolution

So much has happened over the last 10 years in the entertainment industry and which is why we decided to take up the #10yearchallenge of animation. Go on, read it, and indulge in the nostalgia.

Alright! As you might have already realized, we are in the #10yearchallenge bandwagon.

Like any other challenge, criticism did not fail to occupy its space. Few people have expressed the distress of comparing photos and a few have accepted and challenged other celebrities too. And why should only people have all the fun? So, companies have also shared their #10yearchallenge through social media channels. While going through those memes and photos, I too have realized that so much has happened in the past 10 years.

Let’s go down the memory lane. Will you come with me?

When I first started out in animation, I remember this shared by my then teacher. It goes something like this:

“Animation technique is as old as storytelling. In layman terms, the animation could be defined as the art-in-motion, just like how the human beings discovered as early as the Paleolithic age. Today’s animation is characterized by cartoon characters-in-motion; to tell a story. That’s it.”

And the period of animation technology has changed drastically over the years. We are now in the era of smart computers and the internet where you can create animated videos even though you have not done any 3D animation course or have a little-bitty knowledge and imagination

So now, let us take a look at the evolution of animation and also check out what is yet to rule:

The touch of motion has excited artists thousands of years ago. Humans might have probably attempted to unfold motion earlier itself. There was this man Stewart Blackton. He would draw faces expressing different emotions on the board and erase it. The camera recording after each face is used to be photographed, which ultimately lead to the world’s first animated film.

This also have the credit of bringing the term “Stop Motion” films to the world. This has enabled a startling effect since the facial expressions changed in front of the audience eyes. The animation is the art of movement! Let it be a puppet or paper-cut collage, the animator has to instill life and meaning into the idea to make it move. However, the break was when Walt Disney came into the picture. Disney is the one who introduced myriad of technological advancements and innovations to bring the realistic film and also to enhance the illusion of depth.

And, there was NO looking back!

Fast forward to the windup of the 1980s where a golden era has established. You guessed it right.


As a matter of fact, the first few computer animated films were extremely basic. We could say that it did not change the way how animation was done earlier. However, the stop-motion method was succeeded by what we name as computer animation which is of both 2D and 3D animated graphics. This technique has opened doors not for just entertainment industry but also the businesses to promote their services in storytelling.

Pixar Animated Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney studios have raised bars of CGI-rendered animation with Toy Story and reached a milestone with Avatar. Avatar is composed with advanced CGI which required 2000 servers and 350000 processor cores. But, as discussed earlier, the advent of the internet and advanced technologies made making animated videos a lot simpler, faster, and smarter. Thus, all the businesses and brands have started implementing animated videos and motion graphics to tell the end users their brand story. They have realized that animated pictures or videos would please the audience and builds a relationship with them. Since it is being well-received, the demand for animators have raised which further led to the animation course, workshops, programs, and much more.

Isn’t it nostalgic?How far we have come.

From people advertising on the radio to non-existent characters(read: animated characters) entertaining us in all ways. We are now in a generation where animation is being used everywhere. Television shows like Game of Thrones, animated series like Salad Fingers have attracted masses to the core. On a side note, it feels proud to share that India is expected to become the hub for animation and vfx course.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog. I thank the #10yearchallenge animation momentum for letting me reminisce all the memories. Animation has indeed made quite an enthralling steps and I conclude that it is unstoppable. Because its innate beauty is what luring all of us irrespective of age and race.

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So, what do you think about this transformation of animation? Share your thoughts:

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